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Daikon cakes

Daikon cakes

Slanted Door

$$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Reservations, Full Bar, Vietnamese, Cocktail

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"When I go into the city for wine tasting events with my sommelier team, we take the ferry (the truly civilized way to do this) and snag an early lunch table at The Slanted Door. While I always find some new tasty treats, it’s the simple stuff they do—like these chewy, umami-infused daikon cakes—that get me Jonesin' every time."
"I am always up for trying new things, but this is the one dish I always insist on ordering at The Slanted Door. No one makes daikon cakes like Charles Phan!"
"These humble little things have become a total classic at the city's most famous Vietnamese restaurant. They're nicely seared on the outside, creamy on the inside, and covered with a bright sauce."

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