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Roasted chicken for two


"Zuni roasted chicken. A very special lunch. "
"Zuni Café's roasted chicken and Caesar salad is classic Judy Rogers—perfection! It's consistently right every single time in all of the 20 years I've been going. You cannot go wrong ordering this."
"Roasted in a wood oven, it picks up the smoky flavor from the wood It’s cooked to order so it’s fresh and juicy. It's very simple but executed perfectly."
"This dish is always impeccably cooked. Zuni Cafe is truly the best place to get roast chicken in the city!"
"Zuni's roast chicken makes it the king of long lunches. The chicken takes at least 45 minutes to cook. So order a bottle of rosé, a ton of oysters and their classic Caesar salad and afterwards, go home take a nap."

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