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Pain au jambon

Pain au jambon

Tartine Bakery

Mission Dolores
$$, Outdoor Seating, Café, Bakery, Breakfast

Expert Recommendations

Pain au jambon
"All the croissants are good, but getting a savored one opens up more room for other sweets! Great ham and cheese and they leave the crunchy bit where the cheese fries on the tray"
"Warm, buttery, crispy dough with just a tiny bit of crusty cheese on the edges. I seriously considered fedex-ing one home to Boston."
"It's a huge, flaky croissant filled with ham and cheese. Tartine is a San Francisco institution that never misses on any of their pastries, cakes, or breads."
"This ham croissant is definitely filling enough to keep you going through the whole morning. It is worth every buttery calorie!"

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