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Phở bò áp chảo nước

Phở bò áp chảo nước

Turtle Tower #3

Mission Bay
$, Vietnamese, Breakfast, Noodles

Expert Recommendations

"I could eat here every day, and I always get the #6: phở bò áp chảo nước. There is something so healing about phở and they make a very different style here. I like this dish in particular because everything is seared in a wok before it goes into the broth, even the noodles. The broth is so clean to begin with but then takes on this charred, fatty richness that coats your palate."
"Everyone gets the phở gà here. Not saying that it's not delicious, but sometimes I feel like ordering beef phở. In this dish, they stir-fry the mirepoix with beef then add the broth and noodles. It's perfect for any occasion (i.e. it's a hangover or flu killer)."

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