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Baby pig on rice

Expert Recommendations

"I always eat the suckling baby pig at NY Noodletown when I can get into the city. It's crispy and salty, and I eat it over rice with some of their chili sauce or a little scallion ginger sauce."
Baby pig on rice
"This place has amazing roast pig. Their oven is enormous and they roast whole pigs and ducks until the skin cracks like broken glass. This is a great, late-night spot in Chinatown for all porcine cravings."
"While you can’t go wrong at Noodletown, where everything is fantastic for a low cost, I always go for the rich and succulent roast baby pig. It is served with a ginger-scallion sauce, which adds a level of heat and sweetness to the dish."
"This place is fantastic. It is always open when I want it to be, which means it's open late for after-work chef hours. You can always count on having a great meal here and I like to get pork and rice with a fried egg on top."

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