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Fried chicken

Fried chicken

Khyber Pass Pub

Old City, Center City East
$$, Happy Hour, Full Bar, Gastropub, Music Venue, Cajun / Creole

Expert Recommendations

"This is my favorite fried chicken—don’t let the 20 minute wait disclaimer discourage you. It has a peppery, crispy crust and unbelievably juicy meat and comes with two sides. Also, they serve it with an array of house-made bbq sauces: KC, Carolina and W. Virginia styles. There's Crystal Hot Sauce, too."
"The South will rise again! Or at least it sure does at Khyber Pass Pub, which is around the corner from our shop in Old City. I respect their emphasis on authentic recipes, like their killer fried chicken. I always order it with sides of coleslaw and fried okra."

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