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Joe’s Famous fried chicken

Joe’s Famous fried chicken

Joe's Stone Crab

South Pointe
$$$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Coffee Shop, Full Bar, Breakfast, Seafood

Expert Recommendations

"This is the crunchiest fried chicken in Miami. Most people don’t even know about it, and it costs next to nothing. It’s the perfect appetizer to my stone crab dinner."
"First of all, they start with a really good quality bird, which always makes it taste better than any seasoning is going to do. However, there's something about the way they fry it. The skin is crispy and thin but still really fatty and flavorful at the same time. Hands down, the best fried chicken I've ever had."
"Make sure to get this fried chicken in the dining room, not carry-out—it's different. This organic chicken is brined, soaked in buttermilk and then perfectly fried."

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