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For Chef Brian Luscher, Texas is a never-ending story. If there’s any cut of beef that can fill its pages, it’s the flank: versatile enough for any flavor profile you can dream up, and big enough to serve everyone you love around a Texas-sized table. Chef Luscher likes his alongside the best of the region—roasted sweet potatoes and bright corn salsa—and so do we.

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"The most important skill to possess is patience, especially when cooking beef," Luscher says. "Resist cutting it until after it's had a chance to properly rest.”

Rule of thumb: The bigger the cut, the longer the wait. Cooking a small tenderloin filet? Let it rest a few minutes. Steak that’s more than one pound or hits the 1 1/2” mark? Aim for five to ten minutes. A whole bone-in prime rib can rest for 30 minutes or more—Luscher has even gone a full hour.

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