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408 W 8th St
Dallas, TX75208
Call: 214.948.4998
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Chris Ward reviews Ricotta gnocchi at
"These are lightly breaded then fried. They’re soft and creamy on the inside with a crispy Parmesan crust on the outside."
Chef Katherine Clapner reviews Chicken liver pâté at
"Chicken liver gets a bad rap, but once you taste this one, it will change your mind. My dad is Jewish, so I grew up eating chopped liver. It’s often dry, crumbly, and tasteless, but not at Lucia. This one is creamy, succulent, and impossible to resist. Imagine a perfect 'meat butter' spread on that house-baked bread, which has a tangy crunch with just the right amount of salt. When they saw how much I loved it, they gave me some as a gift to take home. I treated it like 'my precious.'"
Chef John Tesar reviews Crostini w/ 'nduja at
"This spread of pork shoulder, spices, and Calabrese peppers on their housemade grilled bread is well worth a drive to Oak Cliff. After the 'nduja, order the uni risotto. It is so rich, lush, and creamy, with all the freshness and flavor of the sea."
Chef Brian Zenner reviews Salumi misti at
"Chef David Uygur's skill and passion for salumi is so evident the moment the board of cured meats lands at the table. Working through the flavors and meats is mind blowing. Particularly the speck—it's outta this world."
Chef Tim Byres reviews Pasta at
"The pasta on Lucia’s changing seasonal menu is always the right choice. Chef David Uygur makes it fresh in-house that day for dinner service. It can be difficult to score a reservation, but remember the kitchen counter is for walk-in guests and offers a chance to chat with the chefs."

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