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1722 Routh St.
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Dallas, TX75201
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Bruno Davaillon reviews Soba at
"My good friend Teiichi Sakurai always finds a way to surprise me. My pick here is the short green soba and bolognese with Washu beef, a dish that's rich and elegant at the same time. This is what happens when a Japanese master pays tribute to Italian food. Another pick of mine from Tei-An is the soba ice cream with Kinako and kuromitsu. I love the nuttiness of the soba in this dessert."
Chef Braden Wages reviews Duck dipping soba at
"There are so many things to love about chef Teiichi Sakurai’s soba noodle house, but the duck dipping soba is a must-try. The basket of Teiichi’s freshly made soba noodles are served with a rich, luxurious broth and succulent pieces of duck that make for a truly sensational dining experience. Believe it or not, it gets even better when they bring you some hot water to add to the broth when your noodles are all gone. It’s perfect for a cold winter day."
Chef Tim Byres reviews Soba ice cream w/ Kinako & kuromitsu at
"It's so good I can't share. The rich, dark honey has notes of caramel with a medicinal edge, and the buckwheat flour sprinkled over the ice cream has an earthiness that leaves you wondering what the secret ingredient is. That secret is balance."
Chef Rebecca Masson reviews Chawanmushi at
"This egg custard dish is normally served with crab, but alas, I am allergic. So the chef made one special for me with just mushrooms. Everyone else had it with crab and couldn't stop raving."
Chef Brian Zenner reviews Ramen at
"I like to have a bowl of their ramen for lunch—it's a life changer! Pork belly and tonkotsu broth are the type of soulful cooking that I adore."

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