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Reviews & Posts

Chef Bill Corbett reviews Eggplant sautéed w/ garlic & basil at
"This is such a great eggplant dish. The texture of the eggplant is perfect in the garlic sauce, and the basil just brings a freshness to this dish."
Chef Christopher Thompson reviews Special chow mein w/ chicken, pork, & shrimp at
"This dish has pork, chicken, and shrimp with red chilies and jalapeños. My whole face is on fire when I’m done eating it. It’s the perfect combo of spicy and salty."
Chef Ryan Pollnow reviews Wonton in red oil at
"Szechaun-style dumplings in spicy chili oil. Eating these things fast is the only way to not let the spice win… which isn’t a problem because they're so good!"
Chef Charlie Kleinman reviews Twice cooked Chinese bacon at
"They can call it whatever they want, but this is a dish of glorious, wonderful stir-fried pork belly. Chili oil, leeks, tofu, and dried, fermented black beans are cooked with pork belly and copious amounts of jalapeños, which creates this fatty, sticky, and rich meat in the best way possible. Strong, spicy flavors cut through the richness in each bite. I have eaten at Spices! over a hundred times and have never failed to order this dish."
Chef Chris Cosentino reviews Spicy chicken wings at
"The chicken wings are cut into small pieces and covered in a mound of dried chilies. But what's surprising is that this is all about the flavor, not the heat. It's not as spicy as you think."
Chef Cortney Burns reviews Numbing spicy beef tendon at
"I love the numbing spicy beef tendon, as well as the spicy pig ear in red oil. Texture, texture, texture—that's why I eat and crave these dishes. Order these along with the fish filet with pickled cabbage soup, and you'll round the meal right out."
Chef Nicolaus Balla reviews Spicy pig ear w/ red oil at
"Go to Spices I or II in the Richmond District and order everything in the appetizer section. The chili oil pig ear is a great small salad with scallions, crunchy ears, and spicy oil."
Chef Liza Shaw reviews Ma po tofu at
"It's been discussed before, but the spice and richness is so well-balanced in this dish. It is the thing I crave the most on my days off."