Santouka Ramen

0.09 mi$Japanese
2 Reviews

"Go and get the Number 7 with a flavored egg. Everything about this is perfection. Plus, Mitsuwa is the happiest place in the world."

Miles Thompson
Chef Miles Thompson
Consulting Chef


0.1 mi$$$Chinese, AsianCapitol Hill
1 Review

"Chef Eric Banh makes good, thoughtful food with a light hand. His famous banana cake is no exception. The sweet cake is steamed and drizzled with a savory coconut sauce. Delicious!"

Matt Costello
Chef Matt Costello
The Inn At Langley


0.1 mi$$$Chinese, AsianCapitol Hill
1 Review

"There's something great about getting a bottle of racy Grüner Veltliner with dim sum, which is what I do here (it's much better than tea). Wake up late, head over to Monsoon, and start with a glass of wine—you'll end up having about three. Order a bunch of dim sum and then get back in bed. It's the best Sunday ever."


0.1 mi$$$Chinese, AsianCapitol Hill
1 Review

"I adore Eric Banh’s food. His dishes are always elegant but amazingly flavorful. He’s confessed to me on several occasions that this is his favorite dish on his menu, and it’s not hard to taste why. Pieces of young chicken, succulent from being cooked on the bone, are glazed with just the right amount of sweetness and spice. The lemongrass is very present but not overwhelming. This dish begs you to use your hands to eat it, and you will think about it the next day."

Facing East

0.3 mi$$Chinese, AsianBellevue
1 Review

"Why do I love this dish at this Taiwanese restaurant? It's fried, and who doesn't like that? It's redolent of five-spice and cinnamon. It's big enough for sharing without causing an argument over who gets the last piece of deliciousness. Essentially, it's just plain freaking good!"

Pho Cyclo Cafe

0.4 mi$Asian, TraditionalDowntown
1 Review

"I will admit that I'm very preferential to the location on 1st Ave. S.–the other ones don't compare! My favorite phở is the Cyclo, the one that comes with everything: all the fat, tendons, tripe, all that stuff! It's very satisfying."

Molly Moon at Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream
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Molly Moon
Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream
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