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Mark Ellman
Honu Seafood & Pizza, Mala Ocean Tavern, Frida's Beach House
9 Recommendations Made
Michael Mina
The Handle Bar, Petit Margeaux, The MINA Test Kitchen ...
San Francisco
8 Recommendations Made
Jeff Scheer
The Mill House Restaurant at The Maui Tropical Plantation
Wolfgang Puck
CUT by Wolfgang Puck , CUT Las Vegas, Culture Kitchen...
Los Angeles
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How To Make The Most of Ogden

Big things are happening in Utah's glittering snow-capped city—the chefs have always known where all the good stuff is.

Truffle Shuffle
December 5, 2016

Truffles are like Benedict Cumberbatch. It's everywhere these days and we can't get enough.

Chef Kim Alter's Favorite Kao Mun Gai at Hawker Fare | The Usual

Chef Kim Alter of Plum restaurant in Oakland visits chef James Syhabout's restaurant Hawker Fare to order the kao mun gai, a comforting Thai chicken and rice dish that James puts his spin on using a few modern techniques. In The Usual, the country's best chefs reveal the one dish that blows their mind again and again, then head behind-the-scenes to meet the creators.

Chef Nick Balla of Bar Tartine | Roots

Some people say that what Chef Nick Balla is doing at Bar Tartine in San Francisco is crazy. It ain’t crazy, it’s just layered with the restaurant's unparalleled DIY foods program, his unlikely marriage of Japanese and Hungarian cuisines, and his youth spent playing in a band. Roots takes a deep biographical look into the world's most influential chefs to reveal their inspirations. style except not really.

Make Perfect Simple with Cortney Burns, Nick Balla, and Sansaire

We're told not to sweat the small stuff, but the small stuff, especially in cooking, is the whole point. ChefsFeed Contributing Chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine) know this better than most—but even the most intricate labors of love can be achieved with less labor. We hooked them up with the folks at Sansaire to put its line of sous vide products to the test in and out of the pro kitchen. Here's a look at what went down. The results? ChefsFeed approved.

All in a Day with The Riddler’s Jen Pelka

Every city has its hustler. The force of nature who covers more ground in a day than you do in a week, who embodies the effortless speed of hospitality with the leisurely pace of the present. In a series brought to you in partnership with Uber, we get a glimpse of the eye of one such storm. For San Francisco, that hustler is Jen Pelka, no contest: as the strategic mind behind Magnum PR and founder of the city’s buzziest Champagne bar, she knows what you need before you do. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening

Summer Burger Perfection, Don’t Forget the Tots

Chef Wes Rowe of namesake restaurant Wes Burger in San Francisco knows his way around a hamburger. To build this perfect summertime version, he recreates the flavors he remembers from childhood barbecues with smoky charcoal, pickled onions, aged cheddar cheese, and of course, a generous dollop (or two) of Hunt’s Best Ever ketchup, with a big old side of crispy tots for dipping.

Craving Cupcakes? Go Somewhere Else.
Don't ask Houston-based chef Rebecca Masson for a cupcake. Instead, she’ll be offering something even better when her new bakeshop, Fluff Bake Bar, debuts at the end of May: a “Cup|Cake.” It’s no frosted muffin. We talked to Masson about what exactly this novel creation is, her use of mushrooms in desserts and how she celebrates Mother’s Day.
Where to Watch March Madness Games with Chef-Picked Snacks
To help gear up for March Madness, we've put together a list of our contributing chefs' favorite game-day food at pubs, bars, and restaurants across the country. As always, these recommendations are hand-picked by our contributing chefs, so don't hesitate to swap your fries for sweet and spicy pig's ears—you might find a new favorite bar snack, chef-style.
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