Wafels & Dinges Truck

0.1 mi$Dessert, Bakery, Food TruckWest Village
1 Review

"These are the best wafels in the city. It was to my great luck that one of their trucks used to park outside Le Bernardin on Fridays. No matter which wafel you get, make sure to get it with Nutella and whipped cream. I try to finish it before I get inside, so I don’t have to share. The people that work there are always super friendly, too."

Eric Ripert
Chef Eric Ripert
Le Bernardin


0.2 mi$$$$Modern, American, Takes ReservationsCivic Center, TriBeCa
1 Review

"This donut comes with corn batter, smoked egg yolk, and a savory liquid center. It's one of the many delicious and thoughtful courses served from an intimate, open kitchen."


0.2 mi$$$$Japanese, AsianTriBeCa
1 Review

"This dish from David Bouley's Japanese restaurant is unique and delicious. I always go back just for this dish."

David Burke
Chef David Burke
David Burke’s Primehouse

Restaurant Marc Forgione

0.2 mi$$$Modern, AmericanTriBeCa
1 Review

"This is as good as it gets; it's just a perfect tartare. I don't want to spoil the presentation, but it starts with a 'pop.' It's the only original menu item since day one, and deservedly so. Follow it up with one of the best Tomahawk chops in the city or the chicken for two. Trust me when I say Forgione is not only worthy of the Next Iron Chef title, but also the 'Bad Ass Chef' title. Considering who his dad is [chef Larry Forgione], the apple didn't fall far from the tree."

Josh Capon
Chef Josh Capon
Bowery Meat Company

Ichimura at Brushstroke

0.2 mi$$$$JapaneseTriBeCa
1 Review

"It’s definitely pricey, so you gotta be ready to spend, but it’s a very pretty little room and there are only seats at the chef’s counter. All of the dishes are well prepared. The seafood all comes from Tokyo and is outstanding. The chef really understands how to manipulate the fish and he’ll explain things to you, too. Since it’s part of Brushstroke, you can get the sommelier service from next door."

Ivan Orkin
Chef Ivan Orkin
Ivan Ramen


0.3 mi$$$$French/BelgianTriBeCa
1 Review

"Bouley is back. His new Bouley, which is back on Duane Street, is visually spectacular and the food is right up there with the best NYC has to offer. This dish is both unique and delicious. The last time I ate there, I enjoyed this dish so much that I asked to have another. It was equally as good and I cannot wait to go back and have it again."


0.3 mi$$$$French/BelgianTriBeCa
1 Review

"The lunch tasting at Bouley in NYC is always worth it. Canapés, of which there is usually something on a kuzu crisp, are followed by five courses for only $55. Polished service and the bread cart make this a great place to have a long lunch and catch up with friends."


0.3 mi$$$Italian, French/BelgianTriBeCa
1 Review

"Can a red onion marmalade with bone marrow atop a grilled piece of country bread get any better? Not that I can think of. This is just soul satisfying and delicious."

Atera in New York
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28. Atera

$$$$Modern, American, Takes ReservationsCivic Center, TriBeCaclosed
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