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Revel By the Numbers | Covers

Chef Rachel Yang's restaurant Revel specializes in Asian comfort food like rice bowls and dumplings with a unique twist. We dig into the stats behind the popular spot, all the way down to the number of grains of rice the restaurant serves in a night. Covers tells a restaurant's story through its numbers.

Dropping Like Flies | Worst Shift Ever

They say all things are difficult before they are easy, but we doubt any such hope existed in this 12-hour marathon deep in the weeds. You know it's bad when people start straight up disappearing. Somehow, Chef Jeffrey Vance managed to survive No Anchor Beer Bar's deliriously disastrous first night, and Seattle is all the better for it, but: woof. Animator Brian Smee takes us back.

On Chefs and Dating with Chef Lisa Nakamura | Elevated

Seattle chef Lisa Nakamura struggled to balance her personal life with the demands of her profession: long hours, working weekends, nights, and holidays, and never calling in sick. Hint: she does it. Elevated is a series where chefs talk challenges faced, and challenges overcome. Sponsored

Chef Jason Stratton of Spinasse, Artusi, Aragona | Roots

In the latest episode of Roots, Jason Stratton tells how he went from studying avant-garde poetry in Spain to becoming the award-winning chef of Seattle's Spinasse, Artusi, and Aragona. Roots takes a deep biographical look into the world's most influential chefs to reveal their inspirations. style except not really. **UPDATE: Stratton recently announced his departure from his killer restaurants, citing a need for a sabbatical out in the great wide world. Dude is gonna read some books and nod thoughtfully at art like whoa.

"Looked like prison food." | Chef Jason Stratton | Chefs Read Bad Reviews

What happens when chefs read the bad reviews written about them from around the web and beyond? We turned on the camera to find out. This episode: Chef Jason Stratton of Spinasse, Artusi, and Aragona in Seattle responds to an allegation that his milk-braised pork looks more institutional than delicious. **UPDATE: Stratton recently announced his departure from his killer restaurants, citing a need for a sabbatical out in the great wide world. Dude is gonna read some books and nod thoughtfully at art like whoa.

Uber Partners with Chefs Feed in Seattle! #UberOmakase

You've seen where Jason Stratton - the fun-loving chef of Cascina Spinasse, Artusi, and Aragona eats in his spare time in our app. But now we're taking it a step further and bringing the Chefs Feed experience to life so you can dine like a chef, with a chef! We've teamed up with Uber, the app that connects you with a driver at the tap of a button, to create #UberOmakase, a night out for you and a friend on us, with chef Stratton as your culinary tour guide. Visit: to see how to enter, but hurry, the contest ends June 4!

Jenn Louis makes Sorcetti Dumplings with Lamb Ragù | The Dish

Potatoes ain’t just for mashin’, folks. They’re one of the most versatile ingredients in the realm of things you can eat, running the gamut from fluffy to waxy and back again. They're magic, basically. Pasta maven Jenn Louis of Lincoln Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has a serious way of making the much-loved potato sing. This time, she shows the Mighty Russet some love, lacing sorcetti dumplings with a sharp zing of mustard greens in a wintery lamb ragù. Sponsored

An Oregon Ode to Israel with Chef Jenn Louis | Spark

There’s not a soul in today’s culinary universe who can withstand the charms of Israeli cuisine, and with good reason: It’s vibrant and vegetable-driven, rich with spices and techniques that have stood the test of time. Chef Jenn Louis never quite forgot the time she spent on a kibbutz after college, and at her new Portland spot, Ray, the menu is an homage to those meals abroad that forever changed her perspective. Inspired by the new line of Crocs for the workplace, discover the flavors lighting up Louis’s latest vision. Sponsored

A Portland Paradise with Chefs Maya Lovelace and Stephen Jones

Being in Portland is like waking up and realizing that a crazy wonderful dream you had is real: there are s’mores xurros and flaming drinks and cozy cafes at the base of a volcanic cinder cone. For Phoenix’s Chef Stephen Jones (The Larder + The Delta), each corner of Portland is a new discovery—and there’s no better guide than Chef Maya Lovelace (Mae). Sponsored

How to Cook in Chinatown
October 16, 2015
How one chef's personal vision could restructure our relationship to 24 very tricky square blocks.
A Boudin Runs Through It
Two chefs, 348 miles, and a bottle of antacids in search of the kind of truth found only in a sausage casing.
Ode to Toronto
March 20, 2017

Justin Trudeau, Drake, and these dishes- all from Toronto. 🇨🇦

Best Sandwiches in Vancouver

Breakfast sandwiches, open-faced sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches. Paninis, hoagies, and po' boys. Sandwiches are the answers to all of your problems.

Tea Party
August 19, 2017

Get to know the underrated herbal infusion.

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