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The Best Damn Pozole
February 26, 2016

Colds and hangovers don't stand a chance—find the best spots to cozy up to a hot bowl of this traditional Mexican soup, here.

Eat These Dishes for World Food Day DC!

We're working with José Andrés' non-profit World Central Kitchen and our friends at Resy for a great cause: On October 14th, dine at one of these restaurants for World Food Day, and 10-percent of the proceeds will go towards helping end hunger.

Lamb Lovers
January 1, 2015

February is Lamb Lovers Month and we've paired up with the American Lamb Board to share our favorite dishes with ewe!

Barbacoa de Brisket | Medium Rare

In Texas, Mexican flavors and techniques infuse local cuisine with a sense of place, and provide a backbone of tradition for chefs like Chris Patrick. At Abacus in Dallas, Patrick’s menu is a nod to the great culinary cultures of the world; at home, he relies on a perfected masa recipe from his mother-in-law, coupled with a slow-cooked, classic barbacoa de brisket in banana leaves. It’s the kind of food that turns a dinner table into a giant magnet, and epitomizes the true soul of Texas dining. See more: Sponsored

Legacy | Albondigas en Chile Chipotle

Chef Diego Galicia’s mother, Leticia, holds the keys to the kitchen — ruling it with a calm and patient hand, just like the women before her. In this family’s repertoire, simple albondigas are king (squished between two slices of bread for the best meatball sandwich you’ve ever had) and Prime by Chicago Cutlery™ are the only tools they’ll need. Sponsored

Voices From the Kitchen | Trocas

La Cocina Executive Director Caleb Zigas pays tribute to an integral part of the industry, hidden in plain sight. Voices from the Kitchen, a fundraiser for Bay Area non-profit La Cocina, returns September 30 at the Swedish American Hall in SF. Tickets here.

Family Meal | Caracol
November 11, 2016

Before the rush of tickets and clamor of the dining room, there’s a magical half hour or so when cooks and servers and managers and bar backs come together for a meal. It can be fancy, or grungy, or whimsical — eaten out of hotel pans or mismatched bowls — but it forms the bedrock of the whole dang operation. We’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola to give you a glimpse of the most important meal of the day at Houston’s Caracol, where Chef Hugo Ortega and his crew celebrate the cuisine of coastal Mexico. Sponsored

Braised Short Rib Barbacoa So Good It’s Almost Unfair | Effortless

When Chef Eddie Ruiz cooks barbacoa, he channels his grandfather, who'd cook the meat underground with hot rocks for big family celebrations. A combination of arbol, ancho, and guajillo chilies lends the dish its complex spice and smoke—and in Ruiz’s interpretation, there’s no need to haul out the shovel. Want more? Check out Ruiz’s daring pre-dinner ritual: grocery shopping sans list. Brought to you by our partners at Pacific Sales.

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