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Playing in the Kitchen DIY Style with Bar Tartine's Chefs

Since taking over the kitchen in 2011, Nicolaus Balla and Cortney Burns have transformed the menu at San Francisco's Bar Tartine into something wildly eclectic yet simultaneously familiar.It's seasonal, with a focus on local and high quality ingredients. And it's fusion without overthinking it. They claim nearly a dozen influences in their cooking—Hungarian, Eastern European Jewish, Japanese, Irish, Polish, German, Filipino, Slovakian, Laotian, Mexican and Mayan—to which they bring a decidedly California influence.

Barbacoa de Brisket | Medium Rare

In Texas, Mexican flavors and techniques infuse local cuisine with a sense of place, and provide a backbone of tradition for chefs like Chris Patrick. At Abacus in Dallas, Patrick’s menu is a nod to the great culinary cultures of the world; at home, he relies on a perfected masa recipe from his mother-in-law, coupled with a slow-cooked, classic barbacoa de brisket in banana leaves. It’s the kind of food that turns a dinner table into a giant magnet, and epitomizes the true soul of Texas dining. See more: Sponsored

Three Takes on Dubai: Feast Among The Clouds

In Dubai, spectacle isn’t confined to luxury alone; every corner, whether at the top of the Burj Khalifa or deep in the desert, contains epic flavor, drama, and passion. Though the city is famously home to ex-pats from all over the world, you never lose sight of the heart of Emirati culture—a faithful anchor for the adventures of chefs Tim Ma [Kyirisan, DC] and Greg Baxtrom [Olmsted, NY].
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Culinary Adventures in a Desert Metropolis
How To Navigate Dubai Like a Local

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