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10 Great Brunch Spots for Mother's Day
Mother's Day is May 11, so treat your mom to brunch at one of these spots, or even to one of these specific dishes, all hand-picked by our contributing chefs.
Chefs Elevate Beer to Wine Status
American Craft Beer Week wrapped up last week but enthusiasm for beer isn’t slowing down. While craft brews aren’t as ubiquitous as wines (yet) in fine dining establishments, many chefs are sharing their love of the fermented beverage by elevating it to the same level as its more “sophisticated” cousin on their menus.
Could a Computer Win Top Chef?
Remember Watson? In 2011, it won Jeopardy! in a three-match series against two humans. Watson’s performance wasn’t perfect but it demonstrated the capabilities of the future of cognitive computing, which is a field focused on programming computer systems to “learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own,” according to IBM’s website.
Where the Wild Things Are
Chef Jeremy Charles takes a break from cooking in the wilds of St. John’s to try mochi and explain the artistry of fly-tying.
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