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Lamb Lovers
January 1, 2015

February is Lamb Lovers Month and we've paired up with the American Lamb Board to share our favorite dishes with ewe!

Parallels | Tom Gore and Louis Maldonado

The love affair between food and wine is as old as dirt. A fierce dedication to honoring an ingredient's true character, in both the kitchen and the vineyard? That's a little newer. Chef Louis Maldonado (Spoonbar, Pizzando) and second-generation grape farmer Tom Gore explore the parallels between their crafts of farming, cooking, and winemaking over a meal. Sponsored

Make Perfect Simple with Cortney Burns, Nick Balla, and Sansaire

We're told not to sweat the small stuff, but the small stuff, especially in cooking, is the whole point. ChefsFeed Contributing Chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine) know this better than most—but even the most intricate labors of love can be achieved with less labor. We hooked them up with the folks at Sansaire to put its line of sous vide products to the test in and out of the pro kitchen. Here's a look at what went down. The results? ChefsFeed approved.

Parallels | Tom Gore and Liza Shaw

If it makes a better product, you do what it takes to get it there. When Tom Gore Vineyards and Merigan Sub Shop's Liza Shaw compare notes, they discover more #parallels between a damn fine sandwich and a glass of wine than you’d expect: both take time, and—if you love them—don’t feel like work. Sponsored

Uber Partners with Chefs Feed in Seattle! #UberOmakase

You've seen where Jason Stratton - the fun-loving chef of Cascina Spinasse, Artusi, and Aragona eats in his spare time in our app. But now we're taking it a step further and bringing the Chefs Feed experience to life so you can dine like a chef, with a chef! We've teamed up with Uber, the app that connects you with a driver at the tap of a button, to create #UberOmakase, a night out for you and a friend on us, with chef Stratton as your culinary tour guide. Visit: to see how to enter, but hurry, the contest ends June 4!

Holiday Heritage with Landon Thompson | Sources

The most time-honored tradition of the chef world is spending calendar holidays with your second family—the restaurant staff—so when Chef Landon Thompson (of Atlanta’s buzzy Cooks & Soldiers) was tasked with cooking up a dish from his family’s holiday repertoire, he called in reinforcements: Mom, to be exact. Under Mama Thompson’s tutelage, he travels back to the Christmas Eve’s of his childhood for Southern oyster stew—a dish he didn’t know he loved so much until he found himself missing it behind the line. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You can thank us later. Sponsored

Turkey Meatball Banh Mi with Chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken | Sources

Halloween-themed candy and its autumnal brethren has officially flooded the market. Decorative, maybe edible gourds! Orange leafy filler bouquets! Turkey, however, would like you to know that while it loves being the only thing you eat the week after Thanksgiving, it also rocks on a random weeknight any month of the year. We enlisted chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken in NYC to show you what to do with it. The noble, weird-looking turkey deserves better, y'all. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You're welcome. Sponsored

A Note From the Line
December 31, 2018

Mecca Bos on age, rank, and embracing the title of cook in the name of the craft.

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