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Prove Your Love For Provo

Provo's been called the happiest city in the country—we're willing to bet it's thanks to the stellar food scene. Here's a guide to get you started!

Passion Fruit Mousse | Effortless

For chef Makani Carzino of Pono Burger, passion fruit is among her earliest memories of food. It embodies everything she loves about her native Hawaii, with its bright, pure ingredients and meditative preparations. Her simple, stunning dessert, brought to you by our partners at Pacific Sales, is the closest your guests might come to cleansing their palates with an actual cloud. Want more Chef Makani? Check out our illustrated guide to cooking in the spirit of Pono.

Off the Clock: Brandon Rice

It’s only appropriate that the chef de cuisine holding down Rich Table, one of San Francisco’s busiest restaurants, goes in for something a little more meditative in his free time. We drove up to the country for a sunny afternoon of trap-shooting, dry grass rustling and cows lowing in the breeze, and watched orange clay pigeons zoom through the air like little UFOs. There was a very good sandwich afterward, as there should be on any day off worth its salt. We ended the day in socked feet, in solidarity. Sounds for a languid afternoon by Loving and Jons.

Legacy | Chestnut Maltagliati

What good is cooking if we can’t cook for those we love? The Pollnow kids may have been subjected to all things boxed and canned growing up, but now Ryan Pollnow — of San Francisco’s pasta epicenter flour & water — has made it his mission to welcome his sister into the culinary fold. Maltagliati may translate to “poorly cut,” but with the Responsive Touch Technology™ on Prime by Chicago Cutlery™, they’ll be the nicest bad cuts you’ll ever make. Here’s to new beginnings. Sponsored

Holiday Heritage with Landon Thompson | Sources

The most time-honored tradition of the chef world is spending calendar holidays with your second family—the restaurant staff—so when Chef Landon Thompson (of Atlanta’s buzzy Cooks & Soldiers) was tasked with cooking up a dish from his family’s holiday repertoire, he called in reinforcements: Mom, to be exact. Under Mama Thompson’s tutelage, he travels back to the Christmas Eve’s of his childhood for Southern oyster stew—a dish he didn’t know he loved so much until he found himself missing it behind the line. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You can thank us later. Sponsored

A Portland Paradise with Chefs Maya Lovelace and Stephen Jones

Being in Portland is like waking up and realizing that a crazy wonderful dream you had is real: there are s’mores xurros and flaming drinks and cozy cafes at the base of a volcanic cinder cone. For Phoenix’s Chef Stephen Jones (The Larder + The Delta), each corner of Portland is a new discovery—and there’s no better guide than Chef Maya Lovelace (Mae). Sponsored

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