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Unique Salads Freshly Picked By the Country's Best Chefs

January brings on a lot of New Year's resolution-fueled salad eating. If you're growing fatigued of spring mix and chicken breast, here's where to find the most interesting takes on salad in the country–some are healthier than others, but all are vetted as delicious by the top chefs in the U.S.

Los Angeles <3's Ramen More Than Your City

At Chefs Feed, we know a lot about ramen. For instance, we can tell you exactly how many MILES worth of noodles the popular San Francisco Hapa Ramen stand slings in one service. (You'll have to watch our video from the Chefs Feed Network to find out!)

The Dish Chefs Love the Most in Your City

Valentine's Day got us wondering: What dishes on Chefs Feed are the most beloved by our chef contributors? So we searched through our database to find out what dish had the most chef-picks in each of the cities we cover. Here's a look at what dishes get the most chef lovin' in their respective cities.

The Top 50 Best Wings in the U.S. for the Super Bowl

Who makes the best wings in your city? You could sift through pages of reviews online wondering whether you should even listen to them, or you could let us do the hard work and ask the best chefs in the country where to go.

Compliments of the Chef with Tony Mantuano

This week chef Tony Mantuano briefs us on Spiaggia's extravagant seasonal tasting menus (hello, white truffles), the secret to making one hell of a pancake, and the delicate nature of the handmade pasta he's serving just for you.

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