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Joshua Breen
Annata, Mazzaro's Italian Market
Saint Petersburg
24 Recommendations Made
Jeremy Fox
Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, Esters Wine Shop and Bar, Tallula's
Los Angeles
22 Recommendations Made
A Chef In The Wine Room
Michael Serpa trusted his gut, and his gut built one of the most industry-beloved wine lists in Boston.
Chefs Elevate Beer to Wine Status
American Craft Beer Week wrapped up last week but enthusiasm for beer isn’t slowing down. While craft brews aren’t as ubiquitous as wines (yet) in fine dining establishments, many chefs are sharing their love of the fermented beverage by elevating it to the same level as its more “sophisticated” cousin on their menus.
Canada’s Culinary Paradise

Spend a few days exploring the city of Kelowna, in the impossibly lush Okanagan Valley, through the eyes of one of San Francisco’s most dynamic talents. Brought to you in partnership with Tourism Kelowna and Wines of British Columbia.

Parallels | Tom Gore and Louis Maldonado

The love affair between food and wine is as old as dirt. A fierce dedication to honoring an ingredient's true character, in both the kitchen and the vineyard? That's a little newer. Chef Louis Maldonado (Spoonbar, Pizzando) and second-generation grape farmer Tom Gore explore the parallels between their crafts of farming, cooking, and winemaking over a meal. Sponsored

Parallels | Tom Gore and Liza Shaw

If it makes a better product, you do what it takes to get it there. When Tom Gore Vineyards and Merigan Sub Shop's Liza Shaw compare notes, they discover more #parallels between a damn fine sandwich and a glass of wine than you’d expect: both take time, and—if you love them—don’t feel like work. Sponsored

Learn More About Stonestreet Winery

Stonestreet, one of the biggest mountain wineries in the world has partnered with us to present our new video series Elevated. Learn more about how the winery has tackled the challenges of growing grapes at such varied elevations to create a truly unique product. Visit the winery here:

ChefsFeed at the Austin Food + Wine Festival

Chefs Feed had the pleasure of attending the Austin Food + Wine festival April 24-26. Here's a quick highlight reel of some of our favorite things we ate, chefs we saw, and a glimpse into a late-night party at Italic restaurant. Special thanks to OpenTable for hosting us in its Chef Lounge, Food & Wine for partnering with us (#FWfesties!), chefs Andrew and Mary Catherine Curren for opening the doors at their beautiful restaurant Italic, and "the Four Js" (Jonathan Waxman, Joey Campanaro, Jason Giagrande, and Jimmy Bradley) for co-hosting our party with us!

Schweppes Sparkling Pairing Challenge | The Mighty Orange vs. Chef Dante de Magistris

ChefsFeed and Schweppes henceforth throw down the sparkling gauntlet: can chefs create on-the-fly dishes to make new Schweppes flavored seltzers sing? Should you always drink said seltzer out of a classy wine glass? Answer: HECK YES. In this episode, chef Dante de Magistris (of Cambridge, MA) squares off against Schweppes Orange (of your fridge). Sponsored

Bonnie Morales' Guide to the Willamette Valley

Oregon’s agricultural wonderland is a shire-like patchwork of fertile lands dotted with farms and inlets of lush woodlands. For Kachka’s Bonnie Morales, this concentration of farmers and artisans is the perfect chef escape. Follow along as she explores Pollinate’s progressive agriculture at their farm, tastes wine and olive oil fresh out of the press at Durant, and grabs a beer at Wolves & People, who craftily capture the flavors of this magical landscape in their brews. Plan your own escape with Travel Oregon.

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