Juicero Arrives In Los Angeles | #Sponsored

Juicero Arrives In Los Angeles | #Sponsored

All the details, right this way.

October 24, 2016

As the world’s first countertop cold-press juicing system, Juicero has revamped the juicing process into the cleanest, sleekest, most civilized minutes of this crazy thing we call life.

Now, our pals at Juicero continue their road trip south, bringing technicolor nutrition in a glass to the sunny streets of Los Angeles. 
At the push of a button, custom Packs of 100% raw, fresh, organic chopped produce are pressed to give you the freshest juice around — for the next month, clean up your act and swing by some of the best restaurants in town for a fresh take on your daily nutrients.

Here’s where to go:

Week of 10/24:

Pico House [
Happy days, your favorite food truck Pico House is on board for the entire month! While they take the juice to the streets, keep an eye on their Twitter and Instagram for where the truck's headed near you.]  

Week of 10/31:

AR Cucina
Pico House

Week of 11/7:

Barcito LA
Pico House

Week of 11/14:

Pico House

See how Chef Akasha Richmond does it!