Just 13 Pictures of Pure Sandwich Art

Just 13 Pictures of Pure Sandwich Art

Are these the best sandwiches in all the land? ARE THEY?

September 26, 2017
● 4 min read
Just 13 Pictures of Pure Sandwich Art

Just 13 Pictures of Pure Sandwich Art

Are these the best sandwiches in all the land? ARE THEY?

September 26, 2017
● 4 min read
By Cassandra Landry | Collage ChefsFeed

The sandwich is one of those things that makes you believe there's divine purpose behind this chaos we call life.

If we're out here—walking around, going to work, getting mad at tangled headphone cords and people who stop in the middle of sidewalks to respond to a text—simply so we get to sink our faces into a perfectly balanced sandwich every so often, we're okay with that. Its beauty is subjective, its forms multitudinous: how we choose to sandwich is a clue to the best parts of ourselves.

A sandwich (a truly beautiful sandwich held together with blazing conviction and technique) is primal. Artful, even. We salute you this week, sandos: here's a list of the most-beloved creations in the ChefsFeed universe.  

Egg and Cheese Bialy Sandwich at Gjusta in Venice

"Not many places are making bialys these days, let alone great ones. Get the somewhat non-traditional one covered in poppy seeds with their house-cured fish. Sit on the patio and try not to feel uncool next to all of the Venice scenesters." — Chef Evan Bloom [Wise Sons]

The Breakfast Sandwich at Figlia Americana in Portland, OR

"House English muffin with baked egg, willow creek, hot sauce aioli. Nice texture and solid sandwich."—Chef Matthew Sigler [Renata] 

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Beet Slaw at Beauty's Bagel Shop in Oakland

"Not quite Montreal style, definitely not NY style, these babies are boiled in honey water for a little sweetness before being fired in a wood oven. Be brave and go for the fried chicken sandwich with beet slaw. Not traditional but unbelievably good." — Chef Evan Bloom [Wise Sons]

The Brie de Meaux at St. James Cheese Company, New Orleans

"A solid sandwich! It’s the only one I ever order. Thinly sliced ham, lots of butter, brie de meaux cheese all on a Bellegarde Bakery (best in the city!) baguette. Down to the dressing on the salad, the Dijon vinaigrette, just doesn’t get any better." — Chef Kristen Essig [Coquette]

The Chorizo Scrambled Egg at Sycamore Kitchen in Los Angeles

"Scrambled egg and chorizo sandwich, melted Swiss cheese, roasted onion, griddled pan de mie = ChefsFeed approved." — Chef Steven Fretz [Mina Group]

Catfish Sandwich at Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish in Nashville

"Hot Version of Catfish Sandwich is one of the best fish sandwiches I've had. The catfish was tender and flavorful. The additions of mustard, raw onion and pickles elevated this dish to cult-like status." — Chef Todd Richards [White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails]

The Coppa Sandwich at Giordano's in San Francisco

"One of my favorite sandwiches, and it goes great with beer. I get it with a fried egg wedged inside, because they'll do it, and I never pass up a fried egg."—Chef Nick Muncy [TOOTH-ACHE magazine]

The Gladiatore of Puffy's Tavern in New York City

"In NYC, where $13 can disappear with a latte and muffin, at Puffy's $13 gets you stuffed with a great sandwich overflowing with prosciutto, 
mozzarella, olive tapenade, and hot peppers." — Chef Shane Lyons [Distilled]

Pimento Grilled Cheese at Olamaie in Austin

"I have a love affair with pimento cheese and this one has stolen my heart."—Chef Rebecca Masson [Fluff Bake Bar]

The Chicken Sandwich at Souvla, San Francisco

"I eat this way too often. Get an order of mint yogurt and lots of the house hot sauce. I like to eat it in the park nearby."—Chef Aaron London [AL's Place]

The Grilled Lobster Banh Mi at Banh Shop in Dallas 

"Banh Shop's featured sandwich. The toasted baguette is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Smeared with mayo slaw, cucumber ribbon, 7 oz of succulent lobster and a fresh squeeze of charred lemon rounds it all out. Get a side of jalapeño pesto!"—Chef Uno Immanivong [Chino Chinatown]

Roasted Porchetta and Egg Sandwich at Upland in New York City

"Porchetta sandwich is outta control."—Chef Tien Ho [Whole Foods]

The Monte Cristo at yes—Café Orleans Disneyland

"This sandwich is the biggest culprit in my battle with weight gain, and no one makes it better than at Café Orleans in Disneyland. I know what you're saying, but trust me—it's fried, crispy and served with a sweet and tangy jam. Perfect." — Chef Eric Greenspan [Greenspan's Grilled Cheese, The Roof On Wilshire, Erven, and Fleishik's]

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