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Tim Cushman Adds Potato Crunch to His Nigiri | The Dish

August 24, 2016
Let’s just start saying: Tim Cushman, and his knock-out Japanese restaurant o ya, are wicked fancy. So naturally we elected to talk about the one showstopper on his comprehensive menu that features the humble, beloved potato chip. Watch as fingerling potatoes take the spotlight in this bright twist on a classic nigiri, dressed with earthy truffle, and clean, cool notes of celery. We knew there was a reason fingerlings were so adorable—they were made to fit on a perfect little bed of sushi rice, obviously. Sponsored


O Ya
Downtown, Boston
$$$$, Sushi, Japanese, Full Bar, Sake Bar
11 Recommendations
o ya
Midtown, New York
$$$$, Japanese, Full Bar
11 Recommendations