#Cooking With Planet Oat

A Panna Cotta So Light and Delicious, You Won’t Know It’s Vegan

October 14, 2019
Chef Rose Lawrence is a total pro at highlighting all varieties of cool grains and fermentation through her “nomadic bakery” Red Bread. See how she makes a killer vegan and gluten-free panna cotta using Planet Oat oatmilk, and get a peek inside what it takes to run her own business.


Off the Clock: Rose Wilde (Lawrence)

It’s strange to walk away from a 12-hour video shoot feeling invigorated, not exhausted, but Rose Lawrence’s energy is just that contagious. As the founder of Red Bread and pastry chef at Rossoblu in Los Angeles, Rose dedicates herself to systematically exploring the ins and outs of baking. Days off are an escape from the rigors of her baker’s schedule as Rose flows seamlessly from dancing to vinyl in her living room to painting abstract blocks of color to playing with her dogs at the park.