Made by Hand | Ep. 4 The Art of Butchery with Jerome Grant

January 31, 2020
Whole-animal butchery is not a time-saver, it’s an art. Chef Jerome Grant learned the craft from his mother, honed it as a pro chef, and now uses it at home to feed his family. What’s best is not always easy or convenient, because, like our friends at Maker’s Mark know, good things take time.


Made by Hand | Ep 2: Sri Lankan Spice Blends with Samantha Fore

Like toasting whole spices brings out their essence and flavor, making something by hand yields a true sense of pride. Chef Samantha Fore celebrates her Sri Lankan heritage by creating custom, locally-sourced spice blends in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. In this second episode of Made By Hand, a series brought to you in paid partnership with Maker’s Mark, the first-generation American shows how a love of hosting dinner parties inspired her to take up a whole new craft.

Made by Hand | Ep 3: Persian Flatbread with Behzad Jamshidi

Chef Behzad Jamshidi throws dinner parties for a living, but baking is his sanctuary from a hectic day’s work. Alone in the kitchen (or in this case, with his mom), he can craft something that’s true to him and where he came from, just as our friends at Maker’s Mark do with their bourbon every day. Watch his story in this episode of Made By Hand, a series that celebrates chefs who bring character to all they do.

Made by Hand | Ep 5: Ceramics with Jenny Dorsey

Chef Jenny Dorsey uses ceramics as a way to take a break from her time in the kitchen, but her art and her career have a lot in common. Like a well-crafted bourbon, both inspire more meaningful connections and conversations. Inspired? Check out all the episodes of Made By Hand, a video series brought to you by our friends at Maker’s Mark, celebrating the beauty of all things handmade.