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    Chef Slang: 86'd
    March 29, 2019

    What does it mean to 86 a dish? A person? Yourself?? Chefs consider the depths of 86’d despair in a brand new episode of Chef Slang.

    Tried & True, No. 2: The Stolen Shucker

    Sometimes, you gotta steal it a few times before it can become yours. For Claire Welle of New York's Otway and her favored shucker, we like to call that fate.

    No Experience Necessary | Worst Shift Ever

    Running a kitchen alone is daunting. Nigh impossible, even. Running a kitchen alone, on your first day? Uh. That’s gonna be a hard pass. Perhaps a lesser human than Chef Karen Akunowicz of Myers+Chang would have backed down, but instead she toughed out a snarling hell-beast of a night—now brought back to life by the brilliant Sachio Cook.

    Off the Clock: Brandon Rice

    It’s only appropriate that the chef de cuisine holding down Rich Table, one of San Francisco’s busiest restaurants, goes in for something a little more meditative in his free time. We drove up to the country for a sunny afternoon of trap-shooting, dry grass rustling and cows lowing in the breeze, and watched orange clay pigeons zoom through the air like little UFOs. There was a very good sandwich afterward, as there should be on any day off worth its salt. We ended the day in socked feet, in solidarity. Sounds for a languid afternoon by Loving and Jons.

    All in a Day with The Riddler’s Jen Pelka

    Every city has its hustler. The force of nature who covers more ground in a day than you do in a week, who embodies the effortless speed of hospitality with the leisurely pace of the present. In a series brought to you in partnership with Uber, we get a glimpse of the eye of one such storm. For San Francisco, that hustler is Jen Pelka, no contest: as the strategic mind behind Magnum PR and founder of the city’s buzziest Champagne bar, she knows what you need before you do. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening

    Butternut Squash Risotto Just Like Your Nonna’s | Effortless

    Chef Steve Samson's restaurants are an homage to his Italian family and the summers they spent in Bologna. He always has a seasonal risotto on rotation at his restaurant Sotto, and this winter, he makes it extra creamy with roasted butternut squash—with enough butter and Parmigiano Reggiano to keep that hibernation layer up. It’s all brought to you by our partners at Pacific Sales—including the sacred recipe, which you can find here.

    When You Dream of Avocado, Dream of Dessert | Effortless

    All the best ideas start as a joke. During a recent avocado embargo, Chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins swore to her staff she’d put the luscious fruit on every dish, even desserts, once the avocado train started running again. True to her word, she created an ever-so-slightly green flan made extra creamy with ripe avocados. Then she took it up a notch and baked the custard in a bubble silicone mold, because every dessert should feel like a party. While your flan is in the oven, follow Wilkin’s lead and clean like a maniac before your guests arrive. Effortless flan and a (sort of) sparkling-clean home brought to you by our partners at Pacific Sales.

    A Light And Airy Mixed Berry English Trifle

    For Miami chef Nicole Votano, growing up in London meant enjoying endless variations of the traditional trifle. Her go-to recipe showcases the airy fluff of Reddi-Wip, rich buttery crumb of vanilla-scented pound cake, and zip of citrus zest and berries in every bite.

    No One Said Your Waffle Couldn't Be a Sundae, Too

    Chef Kevin Tien of Washington D.C.’s Himitsu is what we call a bonafide Waffle Enthusiast. His tender memories of all-day breakfasts at his college cafeteria mean that now, as an adult human with a wicked sweet tooth and a full kitchen at his disposal, you’d better believe he’s prepared to take his beloved morning waffle to dessert heights: sautéed apples, salted caramel, and of course, a fluffy, generous peak of Reddi-Wip. Because who eats waffles without it?

    Canada’s Culinary Paradise

    Spend a few days exploring the city of Kelowna, in the impossibly lush Okanagan Valley, through the eyes of one of San Francisco’s most dynamic talents. Brought to you in partnership with Tourism Kelowna and Wines of British Columbia.

    All in a Day with Fabián von Hauske

    In a video brought to you by Uber, we tag along with Chef Fabián von Hauske as he takes a break from his book tour to check in with his home base in NYC’s Lower East Side. The distance between Contra, Wildair, & Una Pizza Napoletana might be blessedly close, but if you think that means there’s no need for a go-to ride, you’ve never seen a chef hit a market. Bags on bags on bags. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening

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