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    Opening Night at Oakland’s Nyum Bai
    In Which You Chill As Hard As Possible | Off the Clock
    All the Butter, All the Cheese, All the Pasta | Effortless
    One Of Those Days | Worst Shift Ever
    A Wilder State of Mind | The Food Scene in Utah
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    There’s No Place Like Oakland with Chef Tu David Phu | My 'Hood

    Oakland's exuberant, deeply-rooted food culture means something different to everyone. For Chef Tu David Phu, a spin through his old stomping grounds means a mix of old and new favorites: Malaysian street food, knockout pho, and the closest thing to the flavors of Saigon you’ll get in the Bay. Sponsored by Modelo.

    The Dish That Will Save Your Busy Weeknights

    If there’s ever anything you don’t want to stick to your pan, it’s the pan-fried pork dumplings with ponzu sauce you whipped up after a really, really long day you’d rather not talk about. In this new series sponsored by PAM, chefs show us how the new PAM Spray Pump fits into their at-home kitchen rituals—by combining ease with quality (and yes: by not sticking). Learn more here.

    A Prize-Winning Buffalo Chicken Dip

    The competition was fierce, but the Popchips gods have spoken: Boston chef Steve “Nookie” Postal [Boston Red Sox, Commonwealth] and his cheesy, hot sauce-spiked Buffalo chicken dip proved a match made in dip heaven (a real place!) for the new Popchips ridges. Learn how to make it, and then learn how to not house the whole bowl by yourself.

    Whole Roasted Strip Loin | Medium Rare

    Who knew that such a larger-than-life state had mastered the art of small-town charm? For Chef Michael Fojtasek (Olamaie, Austin), it’s all part of the Texas experience. When you’re here, it’s best to cook for a crowd in case they show up. The show-stopping cut up for that particular task is none other than the strip loin, slow-cooked and reverse-seared. It’s a centerpiece that requires a little patience and finesse, but the payoff is immediate—guests have a hard time hiding their delight when it hits the table. Pair it with some bright greens and boom: now you’re everyone’s favorite neighbor. See more:

    Chef Slang: Crushed

    You thought today was gonna be okay, didn’t you? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. In Chef Slang’s season one finale, we pay tribute to the many ways one’s mind, body, and soul can cross to the Kitchen Afterlife.

    Braised Short Rib | Medium Rare

    For Chef Justin Turner (Bernie’s Burger Bus) Texas was the culinary playground he’d been waiting for his whole career. After a decade of living in the state where cultures collide and hospitality is second nature, Turner’s vision of a Texan beef centerpiece combines a signature low-and-slow braise with a Southern riff on tabbouleh—a bejeweled side dish studded with pomegranates and local pecans and designed around easy entertaining. See more: Sponsored

    Jerome Grant’s Museum-Worthy Oxtail Pepperpot

    The best things in life are passed down through generations—just like the allspice and cinnamon-scented oxtail of Chef Jerome Grant’s ancestry, currently on offer at Sweet Home Café in The National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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