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MORE STUFF! The History of Tandy Wilson's Knife


Tandy Wilson, chef of Nasvhille's City House, reveals the humble origin of his favorite knife.


Jessica Benefield Redefines the French Fry | The Dish | Sponsored


In what promises to be the best three days ever spent on anything, Jessica Benefield of Nashville’s Two Ten Jack transforms the versatile potato into something even more exquisite than your average fry. Impossible, you say? This is baked potato as finger food, dusted with a sweet and spicy togarashi and served alongside a Kewpie mayo-scallion sour cream.

Chef Benefield: saving the world one (brined, chilled, par-cooked, chilled again, par-fried, frozen, fried) fry at a time.


"An Oozing Pus Pool of Uber Hipsters and Man Buns." | Chef Sarah Gavigan | Chefs Read Bad Reviews


This episode: Sarah Gavigan of Nashville's Otaku Ramen and Little Octopus confesses to concealing hipsters, running a ramen money making scheme, and serving avocado that tastes like...wait for it...avocado. Gasp!

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