Joseph Manzare at Tres


Joeseph Manzare is chef/co-owner of Tres. A native of the Bronx, NY, he started working in restaurants in his early teens. He traveled to Italy and spent ten months working at San Domenico in Imola. He has worked worked with Wolfgang Puck and was nominated “Rising Star Chef of American Cuisine” for the James Beard Awards.


  • Nominee for Rising Star Chef
    James Beard Foundation
  • Apprentice

My Restaurants

  • Tres
    130 Townsend St
    San Francisco, CA

Where I Eat

Behind the Scenes

"Whether I'm in LA or passing through I alway stop here!"
"This no-name tamale cart is on the north side of Highway 152 going east from Gilroy toward Interstate 5. If you have been in the area, it's near all the roadside fruit and veggie stands."
"These guys are Pro-Fesh-A-Nal. If you really like sushi and you know what you want, make a rezy for the sushi counter; they will make you what you like. Warm, friendly service."
"Real deal tacos with all the good shit. Always stop here traveling from SoCal to NoCal or vice versa. Usually a big line but it goes fast and worth the wait, especially for $1.60 a pop."
Maguro no yamakake
"For sushi purists looking for that mom and pop place run by a Japanese guy and his wife (and daughter, in this case), this is it!"
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"Braised lamb shoulder on potato gnocchi Tonight at Globe !"