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Alex Alioto is a chef. He is a fourth generation restaurater in San Francisco. Alioto’s Restaurant, a local landmark on Fisherman's Wharf which began as a fish stall in 1925, is one of San Francisco’s oldest fine dining seafood restaurants, and the family name has become synonymous with the city itself. Alexander worked as a dishwasher and server at the family spot before branching out with his own restaurant.


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Clam chowder
"It isn't your traditional thick and viscous chowder, this one is light and flavorful."
"Best raw dish in the bay area. The truffle oil ignites your palate as the hamachi melts in your mouth."
Salumi pizza
"Delfina's pizzas always come out perfectly, with great flavored crusts."
Apple fritter
"...because what's better then a fried doughnut on your walk home from work."