About Jessi Singh

Jessi and Jennifer Singh, the team who created three acclaimed Australian restaurants, Dhaba at the Mill (sold in 2013), Horn Please and Babu Ji (both sold 2015) bring their signature creative and fun approach to Indian dining to NYC. The Hindi term Babu Ji, when used playfully is what we New Yorkers might call the mayor of the block. In India, a Babu Ji is that self appointed neighborhood ambassador who knows everyone and everything that’s happening the village. He’s a real character who always has a great story. When it comes to food, he’s equally enthusiastic. A Babu Ji unashamedly indulges in food and hospitality. He laughs loudly and revels in his food, company and atmosphere. He absolutely loves being served.

Behind the Scenes

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"Santa Barbara style crudo. Local fish | local fruits | crushed Papadum | 🌶 oil. #bibijisb #babujinyc"
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