Shu Ikeda at Tori Shin


Torishin started its history in Tokyo, Japan, and earned compliments from our clients in the fiercely competitive Tokyo dining scene. Our dream was to share this Tokyo experience with the Big Apple when we opened our first restaurant in 2007 on First Avenue. Since then Torishin reputation has grown and been rewarded with popular acclaim from diners and a covenanted Michelin star. Our mission is to provide the most authentic Tokyo style yakitori to our clients using ingredients of uncompromisingly high quality. Hence our name, Torishin.

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Chef Mark Ladner reviews Organic chicken skewers at Tori Shin
$$$ | Japanese
"Get the chicken EVERYTHING, especially if you can get it medium-rare! On the menu, you'll find chicken thigh meat, wings, skin, ribs, tail, breast meat, and even tender loin."
Chef Takashi Inoue reviews Special oyakodon at Tori Shin
$$$ | Japanese
"The special oyako don is always super fresh. The egg comes two ways—cooked and raw—in a rice and chicken bowl. The sweet soy sauce and raw egg yolk combined with white rice is just perfect."