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Chef Ashley Boyd is the head Pastry Chef at 300 East in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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"#lateposting from Monday's local advocacy training in Durham, NC where it was made clear to me that chefs have more of a voice at this time than at probably any other in history. When we speak up about #realschoolfood and about allowing all children in our state access to nutritious meals, people will listen. In a state that has the 8th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation, where 60% of public school students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, where school meals may be the only regular source of nutrition for those children, realizing that I have a powerful voice for change was hugely motivating. I'm re-energized to get out there and use it. Thank you @beardfoundation and thanks to @andreagailreusing for hosting us. Look at @thedurhamhotel - isn't she a beauty!? #jbfimpact #chefslead"
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