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    1/F of Rosewood Beijing, Xizhímén, Beijing, Beijing, China
    Xizhímén, Beijing
    Beijing, China

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Behind the Scenes

Chef Jarrod Verbiak reviews  at
Dim sum platter
"I used to live in Beijing, so I really love certain classic Chinese cuisine items. The dim sum at Hakkasan are the perfect texture and size of dim sum in Hong Kong or Beijing. The flavors are there, too, with a nice balance between the earthy leek flavor and the salty shrimp taste."
Guava pastries
"Guava pastelitos are something that I consider very special, and every time I eat one, I will always think of my first months in Miami. The guava flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, while the pastry breading is crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. In my opinion, Ricky’s Bakery has the best Latin American pastries. They include the hole-in-the-wall bakery feel to a French patisserie, creating a perfect bakery experience."
Chef Jarrod Verbiak reviews  at
Ceviche seafood orgy
"The seafood orgy at CVI.CHE 105 is one of the best ceviche dishes I have ever had. It is a combination of regular whitefish ceviche and squid, shrimp, and other seafood mixed in to a spicy tiger’s milk—the peppery, citrus-infused juices at the bottom of the dish. Plenty of textures and flavors make this dish unforgettable; the smooth and soft whitefish, the chewy yet tender squid rings, and the firm and crisp hominy pieces. The place is colorful, diverse, and loud, just like the dish."
Chef Jarrod Verbiak reviews  at
Pan roasted 1/2 poulet rouge chicken
"I love this dish because it is simple and classic. Michael uses the best quality ingredients, which makes the dish really amazing. The flavors are what make a pan-roasted Poulet Rouge good: savory, tender chicken with a crispy and slightly peppery skin. He also uses parsley and capers to add more color to the dish. The capers definitely add a sharp vinegar flavor that you don't expect but are happy to find."
Chef Jarrod Verbiak reviews  at
"Chicharones at El Palacio de los Jugos are very crispy on one side, like over-cooked bacon, and tender on the other side. The taste is very salty and savory at the same time. They are excellent with frijoles negros and sweet maduros. The place itself is great, too, outdoors and really fresh. Just like Miami, the restaurant is hot and a bit crowded, but colorful and unforgettable as well."
Chef Jarrod Verbiak reviews  at
Prime cut rib eye
"Excellent beef can be hard to find, but I have never been let down at BLT. The classic ribeye is tender and perfectly seasoned. I also love getting the BBQ corn. It's kind of hard on the outside, but sweet and tender inside."