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  • Sevys
    8201 Preston Rd
    Dallas, TX

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Tempura veggie roll
"Deep-fried vegetables, still crispy and warm, are rolled into a tender rice cocoon. We love that they serve a small complimentary carrot and celery crudité when you are seated. The rest of the menu is top-notch as well."
Tom kha noodle soup
"The rest of the menu is not as appealing as the tom kha soup with its thinly sliced chicken breast and mix of creamy, sweet, sour, and hot. This, combined with the little pan-fried corn patties (four to an order), make for a very nice and light dinner."
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Fried asparagus
"My wife and I have been known to fight over the last one on the plate. The asparagus are coated in a tempura-like batter and fried up so light and crispy. The creamy dill dressing that is drizzled over the asparagus and accompanying frisée round out this addictive dish."
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Jumbo crab in spicy garlic sauce
"Sauce is a misnomer. These giant crab legs come covered in crispy fried garlic, and the scent hits you the moment you walk into the restaurant. More than one person can eat it, and if you share, then everyone gets a little messy. The rest of the menu is almost as good as this dish."
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Desperados tacos
"The shells are fried flour tortillas, which they stuff with beef or chicken fajita meat, melted jack cheese, pico, and an avocado slice. Don’t order anything but the beef or you’ll miss one of life’s true pleasures. This is classic Tex-Mex of our 1980s existence in The Village, so it always takes us back."
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Oven-roasted vegetable pizza
"Yeah, there are other pizzas on this corner, and they’re also good, but Prego’s is a hearty pizza. It’s not fancy, but the ingredients are top-quality: fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, red onions, red peppers, and a pesto drizzle. It’s something that pleases everyone in our family."

From My Menu

Chef Richard Chamberlain reviews Spicy duck flautas at Sevys
$$$ | Modern, | Traditional, | American
Park Cities
1 Review
"You would expect to find the best flautas in Dallas at one of the many great Mexican restaurants we have. None come close to Sevy’s spicy duck flautas: duck confit with a perfectly crisp tortilla wrapper, cool mango and black bean pico, and toasted pumpkin seed salsa. Amazing."