Jonathan Benno at Tarallucci e Vino


Jonathan Benno is the chef at The Evelyn Hotel. He oversee the food and beverage program at Tarallucci E Vino and Triomphe. After more than two decades of helping run America’s great kitchens, he opened his own, the Michelin star, Lincoln Ristorante. He is also in the process of opening three more restaurants, a high-profile restaurant called Benno, along with a casual restaurant, and a fast-casual restaurant — one of which may or may not offer pizza.


  • One Star
    Michelin Guide
  • Nominee for Best Chef: NYC
    James Beard Foundation
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  • The Best New Restaurant in America
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Veal & ricotta meatballs w/ spaghetti
"This is, by far, my favorite spaghetti and meatballs anywhere. Marco makes a simple mixture of veal, ricotta, Parmigiano, egg, and breadcrumbs that yields irresistible meatballs."
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Fried oysters
"I grew up in New England, and Pearl Oyster Bar captures the essence of any clam shack or oyster house of the region. It’s a thrill to have that type of experience—in both food quality and ambience—right here in the city."
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Akamaru modern ramen
"The quality of the rich, savory broth is what makes this dish stand out. Although it's sometimes tough to get into, Ippudo is very kid-friendly and approachable, which is important for my wife and me, as we have two young children. This restaurant has great food and a great environment for the entire family."
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"This is a very simple yet delicious preparation that requires a great deal of skill to produce. Chef Anna Klinger creates these little dumplings out of swiss chard and the flavor is amazing."
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Lengua taco
"These are some of the most authentic tacos I’ve ever had, and the price is right. They are also really convenient as the truck is located a few blocks from my restaurant, Lincoln."
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Baby pig on rice
"While you can’t go wrong at Noodletown, where everything is fantastic for a low cost, I always go for the rich and succulent roast baby pig. It is served with a ginger-scallion sauce, which adds a level of heat and sweetness to the dish."

From My Menu

Chef Pichet Ong reviews Escarole e Acciughe  at Lincoln Ristorante
$$$$ | Italian
Upper West Side
1 Review
"My ideal salad is a super-sized portion of hearty bitter greens with a rich, creamy, flavorful emulsion. Such it is at Lincoln, where escarole is dressed with white anchovy fillets, Pecorino pepato, and a Caesar-like dressing that's peppery and tangy. It's almost big enough to share, but I am admittedly unwillingly to do so."
Chef Nick Anderer reviews Salt cod & lobster fritters at Lincoln Ristorante
$$$$ | Italian
Upper West Side
1 Review
"This is one of the lightest, most delicious fritters I’ve ever had. I don’t know how Chef Benno got those super airy, whipped potatoes, cod, and lobster meat to suspend in such a crispy crust. It’s served on top of a beautifully tart cauliflower 'gribiche' sauce—tiny pieces of cooked cauliflower emulsified with hard-boiled eggs and capers—a super seductive accompaniment to the sweet potato-based fritter."
Chef Sisha Ortuzar reviews Cavatelli con vongole at Lincoln Ristorante
$$$$ | Italian
Upper West Side
1 Review
"I love clams and I love this dish. It is very simple with only a few elements, but the sauce has the depth, richness, and flavor that you would expect from a much more complex dish. It might be a secret, but I think there’s curry in there."