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Marisa Churchill is the writer and author of "Sweet & Skinny" cookbook. She has worked at Rubicon, The Slanted Door, Ame, LuLu and Yoshi’s, where she was named “one of the cities top pastry chefs” by the San Francisco Chronicle’s head food critic Michael Bauer. Her work has appeared on numerous publications and she has appeared on numerous shows including season two of Top Chef.


  • One of the City's Top Pastry Chefs
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Host
    The Cooking Odyssey
  • Contestant
    Top Chef
  • Contestant
    Food Network Challenge
  • Top Summer Picks (cookbook)
    People magazine

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"This orange blossom and milk pudding with pistachios was my absolute favorite. It hit the perfect balance of sweet and tart. It was creamy without being overly rich. Don't miss out on this dessert!"
Halibut in Okra Leaf Stew
"Never would have thought to combine halibut with okra leaf....or okra leaf with anything. Fantastic dish! Unique, definitely a must try."
Assortment of Labneh with Fresh Pita
"This pita bread was warm, fluffy, perfectly charred. An absolute not to be missed dish. Try it with the assorted labneh (yogurt sauces) or the artichoke skordalia, another favorite of mine."
Octopus with Dandelion Greens
"Like all Greeks, I love my octopus! This was the first time I tried octopus with dandelion greens (another Greek staple). The addition of a sweet and sour mango shatta really made the dish pop!"
Crispy 5-Spice Duck Buns
"Perfectly seared duck, raspberry hoisin sauce, pickles carrots and sesame a great riff on the classic pork bun!"