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Chef Tse Wei Lim reviews  at
"I am not capable of waxing rhapsodic about tacos. But these are very, very good tacos, and well worth going for."
"This is double-starching at its finest: a chewy, fried cruller sandwiched in a flakey, tender-fried biscuit, and dipped in warm soy milk. This Chinese fried dough is the archetypical Taiwanese breakfast."
Fish filets w/ spicy chili sauce
"This place is utterly authentic and really fantastic. This tongue-numbing classic showcases their ability. You may be a little teary after finishing the bowl, but they will be tears of happiness... and pain. But mostly happiness."
Chef Tse Wei Lim reviews  at
"The soup dumplings are tender, delicious, and very slurpable. This is where I go after three rounds at a nearby bar, but the food's good even when you're perfectly sober."
Chef Tse Wei Lim reviews  at
Hot chocolate
"Almost too rich, but I still find myself there with an empty cup. It's so concentrated you practically get a caffeine buzz. The croissants aren't too shabby, either. Go early before the students are awake."