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"Chocolate Succe: Hazelnut meringue and dense chocolate mousse dipped into tempered 70% chocolate perfection. #VeryThierry"
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"True to the French New-Orleans way, sips of espresso are the best complement to these icing-sugar-dusted treasures. #FetesDesBeignet Served with complementary chocolate, raspberry, and caramel sauce. Made-to-orderble until Mar 15. | #VeryThierry #Beignets"
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"Do as they do in the French Quarter of New Orleans with Chef Thierry’s #FetesDesBeignets! Savour French donut-like delights with chocolate, caramel, and raspberry sauce and celebrate this #MardiGras favourite. ☕️ Available in-store now until Mar 15 | #VeryThierry #Beignets"
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