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Visions of Concord grape bubbles and carrot glass have been dancing in Pastry Chef Jordan Kahn’s head since he was a child. His first kitchen job was in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia, when he was only 15. A year later he enrolled at Johnson & Wales and graduated in just eight months. His first job was at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry. He was 17, the youngest chef to ever work in Keller’s kitchen. But that’s him for you: inexhaustibly creative and—perhaps a bit insanely—driven.


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"Just when you think you may have over-hyped a place, Night + Market Song destroys it and is even better than you remember."
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Spicy chicken wings
"At this Korean restaurant, you have to get one order of spicy chicken wings and two orders of regular soy-garlic wings. For every spicy wing, you need to eat two regular wings. The gochujang (fermented hot pepper paste) they toss it in is tongue-searing."
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Chicken heart skewers
"Binchotan (white charcoal-grilled) Jidori chicken heart with sansho (Sichuan) chili pepper. Charred, molten chicken heart. Delicious."
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Fried rice
"By the end of a meal at this Korean barbecue spot, it feels like you're covered head to toe in pork fat. When you're done with grilling, they dump a pile of short-grain rice on top of the rounded grill, mix it with chopped shiso and top it with the rendered pork fat that they pull out from the drip tray. Epic."
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Carnitas tacos
"I know that it's pretty trite to order a carnitas taco from a taco truck, but this is the best carnitas taco I've had outside of Mexico City. The tortillas a mano here are pillowy, tender and toothsome."
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Crispy pork ka prow w/ fried eggs
"This embodies the complexity of Thai cuisine. It hits everything I look for in a dish. It's got chili, acid, sugar, crispy pork fat, runny egg yolk, browned egg whites, pungent herbs and fish sauce."