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Pig ear terrine
"Pig ear terrine? Yeah, this is seriously the most heart-healthy dining experience."
Chef Brian Poe reviews  at
The Rialto
"Their sandwiches are created by the city’s best chefs. This one, with paper-thin prosciutto and mozzarella, is by one of my all-time favorite chefs, Jody Adams."
Veal short rib
"I love this dish; it was part of the best date night of my life. It resulted in marriage."
Chef Brian Poe reviews  at
"The menu changes daily here, but anything with seafood (or vegetables) is guaranteed to be fresh, local, natural, and amazing."
Chef Brian Poe reviews  at
Ozark Heritage Pork Trio
"This dish has pork loin, belly, and shoulder served with grits. The bar food trend has been led by few, but conquered and mastered by this chef and his team."
Chef Brian Poe reviews  at
White Trash cheese dip
"Sometimes, a really good beer (or three), a dive bar, and some White Trash cheese dip just make the day complete."