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1723 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL60614
Call: 312.867.0110
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Cleetus Friedman reviews Tour menu at
"Every time my wife and I go, we are mesmerized by Grant's approach to food. It is an experience that everyone should try to have once in their lives."
Chef Jean Joho reviews Hot potato at
"Chef Grant Achatz takes something that most everyone can relate to—in this case, mushroom soup—and serves it in the most surprising way. A paraffin wax bowl is filled with hot soup, then pierced through with a skewer containing a potato, truffles, butter, chives, and a Parmesan cube. Pull the skewer out to release the ingredients into the soup and there you have it. It's delicious and extremely thoughtful. You can find it on Alinea's tasting menu."

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