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Reviews & Posts

Spaghetti w/ squash & serrano chilis
"The hand-cut pasta at The Bristol is consistently great, but this dish is amazing in its simplicity. It's an homage to autumn, and only available seasonally. My girlfriend and I actually fought over the last bite. (I won.) Their signature monkey bread is not to be missed."
Chef  reviews Raviolo at
"Decadent as hell, this dish is one that I'll want on my death bed. It's one giant raviolo stuffed with ricotta, herbs, and egg yolk and topped with brown butter foam and Parmesan."
Chef  reviews Charcuterie board at
Charcuterie board
"Order any and all of their housemade charcuterie selections; they do a fantastic job in this department. My favorites throughout the year have been the tête de cochon, which has always been very tender, brightly flavored, and perfectly seasoned as it melts in your mouth. Another comes in the form of beef heart that has undergone the pastrami treatment. It made me wish I had two slices of marble rye and eight more ounces of the heart. What a sandwich that would make!"
Fried egg sandwich
"Sundays at the Bristol are special indeed. Chris Pandel’s spin on fried eggs includes pork belly, Mornay sauce, and breakfast potatoes. It’s the perfect weekend indulgence and only available during brunch."
Chef  reviews Monkey bread at
Monkey bread
"I love how this baked-to-order dish comes in its own little cassoulet. You have to tear apart these buttery, chewy, soft knobs of bread with your hands. The color of the dill butter they serve with the dish is a beautiful green that takes just that extra bit of attention to get right, and its light herbal flavor adds just the right balance."
Chef  reviews Basque cake at
Basque cake
"One of my personal all-time favorite desserts is this one at The Bristol. Made by one of the best pastry chefs in Chicago, Amanda Rockman, her basque cake is something you will crave after you eat it on a regular basis. The moistness of the cake with the apple confit, cinnamon walnuts, and cider sobayon is a home run with the bases loaded."
Chef  reviews Crispy pig's tail at
Crispy pig's tail
"I have never had a bad dish at The Bristol, but the one that stands out as being totally different is the roasted pork tail. It comes with lettuce wraps and an incredible array of garnish. In the winter, I also love Chris Pandel’s pasta and the apple salad with marinated manchego."
Chef  reviews Seasonal pasta at
Seasonal pasta
"The Bristol’s menu changes frequently, but if you’re lucky enough to go on a night when the chicken liver bolognese is on the menu, don’t miss it. That livery sauce has made me happy many times over."