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Chef  reviews Hokusetsu sake at
Hokusetsu sake
"Hokusetsu sake from Sado Island are prized even in Japan, and they are one of my favorites. Here in America, Nobu has the exclusive license to offer the brand; it is the only brand of sake available at his restaurants. I enjoy three or four styles of Hokusetsu sake with my fish—sashimi, steamed, and grilled—then when it’s time for sushi (with rice), I drink only green tea. This is the way to enjoy sushi. One should not drink rice while eating rice."
Chef  reviews Broiled Alaskan black cod w/ miso at
Broiled Alaskan black cod w/ miso
"This fish dish is amazing. Other restaurants have tried to replicate it, but here it’s the best. They marinate it for days in a mix of mirin, sake, and miso, then sear it on high heat to get that beautiful finish. The hearts of palm salad is really wonderful, too. And the tempura anything is great for my fried fix!"
Chef  reviews Lobster & shiitake mushroom salad at
Lobster & shiitake mushroom salad
"The lobster meat is mixed with onions, cherry tomatoes, serrano chile, and cilantro tossed in a yuzu dressing and placed over Bibb lettuce. Roll it up like a taco: sweet, citrusy, spicy, and ocean-fresh. It’s a clean and precisely tasty (but expensive) dish."

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