Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill

$$$Wine Bar, Modern, AmericanNorth Dallas
10720 Preston Rd
Ste. 1101
Dallas, TX75230
Call: 214.368.1101
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Chef  reviews Fried asparagus at
Fried asparagus
"My wife and I have been known to fight over the last one on the plate. The asparagus are coated in a tempura-like batter and fried up so light and crispy. The creamy dill dressing that is drizzled over the asparagus and accompanying frisée round out this addictive dish."
Chef  reviews Three jack and mac casserole at
Three jack and mac casserole
"Good mac and cheese is ubiquitous, but great mac and cheese is hard to find. This here is great mac and cheese, and you can find it at Neighborhood Services' original location. With three types of Jack cheese, it is the perfect balance of cheesy and creamy."
Chef  reviews Original voodoo peppercorn sauce at
Original voodoo peppercorn sauce
"This is basically a Worcestershire-peppercorn beurre blanc. It comes with the "butcher's meatballs" but this stuff is good on anything. Dip your hand-cut French fries in it, spoon some on your seared scallops, etc. This black magic sauce will make you buy a voodoo doll that looks like owner Nick Badovinus so you can stick pins in it until he tells you how to make it."

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