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Reviews & Posts

Chef Ford Fry reviews Sliced beef brisket at
"I love the smoked beef brisket at Community Q. Ask for the fatty stuff and grab the mac n' cheese while you're at it, too! Brisket is tough to execute consistently, and me being from Texas, I'm pretty stoked that his is smoky and moist."
Chef Drew Belline reviews 1/2 chicken (bone in) at
"The smoked half chicken at Community Q in Decatur is amazing! They get the skin super crispy and keep the meat ridiculously moist. Order some of their baked beans with the chopped brisket, a little coleslaw hand-cut from local cabbage, buttery Texas toast, sweet iced tea, and you're good to go!"
Chef Aaron Russell reviews St. Louis style ribs at
"Stuart Baesel is currently making the best barbecue in Atlanta (literally the best), a city that's in a region known for taking its 'cue seriously. Community Q is unapologetic about running out of food during service, because to do it right takes time; sometimes you guess right and sometimes you don't. What that means to us lay-porkers is to get there early. But should they ever err on the extra, the leftovers go to a community food bank."
Chef Shaun Doty reviews Kitchen Sink salad at
"It’s healthy and a heart attack all at once. This is an amazing salad with local produce. I like to order mine with brisket on the side."

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