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8190 Strawberry Ln
Falls Church, VA22042
Call: 703.539.8566
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Bò tái chanh at
Bò tái chanh
"This salad is so refreshing and light, the perfect start to an amazing meal. Thinly sliced beef is cured in lime and mixed with sliced red onion, herbs, and greens. The beef is cured perfectly and remains tender. They have a beautiful patio in the summer and can accommodate large groups easily. Try the rice crepes, too. They are also out of this world."
Chef  reviews Shrimp toast at
Shrimp toast
"Doesn't sound special, but the way they fry it is special. The baguette on the toast never gets soggy or greasy. Then you pair that with a well-seasoned shrimp paste and fresh herbs and crisp lettuce. Hot and cold, crisp and herbal, it's the perfect bite."

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