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Chef  reviews Bone marrow phở at
Bone marrow phở
"Order bone marrow with your phở. Scoop some of the marrow out and put it into your soup—it changes it to the best noodle soup you'll ever have. The splendid flavors of the bones and aroma of the cinnamon and stare anise delicately blend together to form an astounding soup."
Chef  reviews Phở at
"Houston has one of the largest—if not the largest—Vietnamese populations in this country. Lucky for us, that means we have some great comfort food! Pho Binh has different locations around town, but their original location off of Beamer Rd. has been there since the early ’80s. Don’t judge this tiny trailer—the broth is cooked for days with so much love and care, it beats any other phở in town no matter which one you chose."

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